Monday, August 15, 2016

The Mystery of God's Will

As I have been deepening my prayer life, I was pulled to start up my blog. It is will be more about my prayer life and my understanding of God being love.

Yesterday I was praying through the first 10 chapters of Ephesians and the phrase that struck me the most was the “…mystery of God’s Will.” The Will is the force of action one takes. So want does it mean the mystery of God’s Will, especially as we think about Jesus becoming our friend. Friendship with God is one of the great mysteries of God’s will. What are that Living God would be mindful of us?

The questions hang in the whole of my life. Love being the foundation of how we move and have our being in life and saying that this force is God’s will and it is mindful of us as a best friend makes the hard decisions we have to make as a family more than just tolerable, but in a real sense a form of prayer. My son Tito has a tumor condition that has already claimed his eye and now we are face with the choice of what to do to make his prosthetic eye workable. More surgery or do we try to have the ocularist make another attempt to fit his eye? In practical terms the mystery of God’s Will comes into how we proceed. God may not give us a clear choice (or God may). Rather, God will be with us as we make the choice as a friend who loves us. Whatever the choice, God will walk with us in Tito’s life.

The mystery of God ’s will flows through us in the breath and in the glory of just being alive. In the soft caress of my wife, in the high energy of my seven year old as he makes his way in the world and how love shapes us. Ephesians is often called the royal epistle because of the high view of God and Christ it presents and at its beginning we have the mystery of God’s will that brings us grace and peace. Now matter how high we place God, the God who is always with as a friend and as a buddy remains. How? How is such an exalted God, the very Master of the Universe vast in its billions of Galaxies befriend a small family in Spokane on a speck of dust circling a nondescript sun? Yes, the mystery is deep as it is true. Praise be to God… Amen.

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