Wednesday, June 17, 2015

God's Hiding Face

Psalm 13 opens out in a a fear of God hiding his face during King David being chased by his enemies. Has God forgotten us? Many times I have felt this. As my son gone through his surgeries and his struggles not of his own making, I am left wondering about God. Yes, God has given us the very breath and the beauty of life. Yet, I see the pain the taunts give him. I can see the fear he has about his future even at 6 years old. He has been given the gift of being gifted socially. He light up a room. Still, I feel the enemies chasing him. Those jealous of the opportunities he has had to be on TV. Those parents who would like their kids to ride in the Lilac Parade. Those parents can’t see the struggle of his condition. He works hard for a little guy. I wish him more of God’s presence to make it through the day. He already wants to marry a little classmate and she him. It is cute and her love for my son moves me to see God’s face in the details we ignore.

Smaller details opens out into an interesting idea. Smaller to whom. In the beauty of a little girl’s love for my son in her letter and her open heart, we are charmed and say such little thing floats as a small detail, but to the little girl and to my boy, this note is not small or little. To God, it opens out as large as my little boy’s heart, which is a large as the universe. God comes to us and it is our non-attention that makes God’s face hidden. Psalm 13, even in the very fact of being recorded, reveals the God hidden remains the God present, for God remains in a little Girl’s not of love, even as we search for comfort in the upcoming medical trip. God remains in details we ignore and in details we think are small. God’s presence in the flight of sparrow, in the caress of a mother, in my boy’s joy in splashing his papa with water on a hot day. Only a fool would can these moments small for where God walks, the ground it holy and when Jesus choose to walk with us the ground became Holy. I know this truth in holding my wife on her birthday, in wrestling with my son, in wrestling with my God during the time of medical issues.

God remains with us, and none of the moments with God are anything but small. For when God is present, the whole of universe opens out in love.

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