Friday, May 15, 2015

God finding me

God is with my in all things. So, I am chronicling my encounters with God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are reflections on discovering who God is, the world around me, and who I am. God transforms us as we journey with him. When we pray, read and seek God, we find God and God transform us in the process. This has become my odyssey and encounter with God.

Today, I got up little late as being tired from a long day I neglected to set my alarm. The morning light peeked through our shades waking me. I realized the time would shorter than normal to get ready for work. Lately, I have started the day with a psalm and quiet time, followed by a workout. I still had time for these morning rituals. I got up and put in the drops into my eyes that decrease the pressure from my Glaucoma and allows me to continue to see God’s glory in the daylight. Then, I read and prayed, and it felt dry. Whether from preoccupation with trying to squeeze all my rituals into less time or the fears I feel for my son’s up coming surgery, I am not certain.

My day with God started after prayer and scripture as I felt the blood given to me by biology and God flowing hard through my veins as I worked out. Jumping up and down in Jumping Jacks in my morning Tabata gave the sensation of God providence. So much of my body lays beyond my control. My heavy breathing coming from pushing myself in the 4 minute interval training forces me to encounter how my of my life and body are beyond me. Little Gods is how we think of ourselves like the captains of our own ships. Making this assumption, we go about our day with a degree of unawareness of God and others around us. We forget we are mortal and that moments will pass until we will become dust waiting for Jesus to reanimate us from the grave.

When I become aware of how much real control I lack in my life, I can start to look at the God that is always with me. I find Trinity and am filled with a joy at God’s presence with me. The world changes in front of my eyes and I notice with great wonder what God has created, entering the space of prayer. Being still and know the Trinity of Father son and Holy Spirit is God paraphrases a well know verse in the Bible and it has become my truth.

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