Thursday, February 21, 2013

God rides the Bus

The wiring vines of our bus routes unite Spokane. These are the branches by which our poor move through our town for their business. My eyesight and lack of depth perception has had me traveling through these vines for years in journeys from work to home.

Walking and riding a city’s mass transit system gives one a close view of a city and provides an MRI view of the spirit of our city. The fruit pluck from these trips, I spend over two hours on these buses, spans from ripe sweetness to bitter hard. Men rebuilding after jail time, commuters going to their downtown professional jobs, high achieving teenage students already attending Eastern Washington, mothers young and old struggling with strollers, car seats and little ones crying or excited to be on the bus.

Children are always animated on the bus, for the still have an eye for the preciousness of real life. I have wondered if this is the view of God in his presence throughout unfolding of the human condition. Lovers spats are surrounded by the music of tried indifferent professionals, while young men pretend tough to avoid admitting how terrified they really are. Throughout all of the drama, the dullness, the funny events, God love us, God is with us. Sad how little there is left of these places where we can see life as it goes by. We settle for the pale imitation on TV and the internet. The real thing seems unrecognizable when we encounter it.

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