Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ballad of Mitt

The Ballad of Mitt

Once their was a serious candidate for president.
Push by a bunch buffoons in the Primary,
he had to accept many political positions of silliness.

When finally bumped off the last fool, a Political hack from PA,
he though he could shake his crumpling image clean.
Etch-a-sketch, it was not to be. His numbers started to shrink.

So, he pick a man of reputed honesty to help shore up his base.
But the wonder boy revealed to be nothing the another political
hack that told whoppers sub-three hours long. Any bump

soon disappeared. His London gaff made him a joke to Englishmen
 near and far, who call him Mitt the Twit for their chortles.
The states continue turning blue or pink, even Georgia.

Foxnews has done at it can. The teapot has warped,
left too long on the stove. The man, Matt must make
another road. His millions made it Bainful to watch.

The pressure is on. He needs to debate his way
back in. Yet, darn, no matter how hard he shakes,
the foot taste remains; the stupid thing does not clear.