Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Price of Fame

Last week was the penny drive for the Guild School.Strange the effect of media. Before we agreed to have our son on billboards, TV and the Internet, people unknown to us would come by and give us their unwanted advice as a way of saying Hello. One guy came up to us as we waited for a table and the first thing he said was,

"My wife works with kids in Africa who look like monsters."

He kept looking at my son. My son's left eye blinded him to seeing what I saw, which is a happy bright kid. He saw a monster. I looked into his eyes and I too saw a monster. I could dismiss this as a one of, but unfortunately it had become a common event in our lives. I remember as my child was playing with another running up and down, when the other child stopped and stared. My son, only two, stopped and said that he had brain surgery. He knew what to say from hearing his parents explain over and over to the many people who think that A) the had the right to comment on my son's eye (which is okay if a little annoying) and B) offer advice about how best to handle his condition (never okay to over unsolicited advice as if your moment of reflection would solve a problem we have been living with for over two years) to C) extraordinary bad spiritual advice. (People read JOB for God sake. Job's friends gave the same advice you think I need to hear and God did not look kindly upon it.)

Enough of that. What surprise me was how TV and Media turn my son into a little celebrity in Spokane. He was on billboards, milk cartons, posters. You had to work hard to avoid his face. Suddenly, people saw past his eye. People did come up to us, but to thank him and take pictures with him. He ate it up.

They also noticed his spirit, his smile and how cute he was. It transform how people see him. Many times we look at media as damaging, in our case it has work as the opposite. Below are pictures of him through out his day at the Penny Drive.


Dawn said...

I cried when I read this.

May little Tito always know what a precious, wonderful, amazing, BEAUTIFUL gift from God (a gift in THE IMAGE OF GOD) that he is.

John said...

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