Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Two Economies, David Brooks and his dreams of red Velvet Swings

David Brook’s interesting essay on what he sees as the two economies forming in our country. The first is marked by efficiency and the second the old economy based on the middle class. He glorifies the new economy and then claims it for the Republicans.

The Republicans are ones, he leaps in dance of hope and irrationality, that embrace the new Economy and that we have to adjust our values to this new economic reality. Privatize, deregulate, and shrink the government. Newt, as the man of Apple iphones and lunar colonies, makes that most perfect image of the Republican men of the future economy. These values that conservatives like David Brooks hold dear, and have since the days of Eugenics, he identifies as the values of the new economy.  Get out of our way, Dems, the future is coming.

The old economy belongs to the Democrats who have yet come to grips with the loss of what has been. Conservatives are the new leaders in this brave new world of more productivity in machine and software (created by some people who went to college on the Government dime.) The Middle class will disappear and it is best to acknowledge this and more, the unencumbered by facts Mr. Brooks states. He even starts with saying President Obama’s promise of doubling exports in the next five years may be obtainable. He then goes on to steal the accomplishment for his Republican values.

I wonder if he even noticed the contradiction within his own article. He says that the boom in exports by the US is being fueled by the growth of the global middle class in country like China, India and places that, and let this sink in, reject the exact values that Mr. Brooks says is the future of the Global markets. Somehow they did it despite nit be drown in Ayn Rand ideology..

Mr. Brooks, it seems that the rest of the global economy has yet to receive the conservative memo. Though  Brits have and their economy has been shrinking. Why does this new vision of the conservatives look more like the Guilded Age than the 21st century? How are we to compete when the conservatives led by the never bothered by facts, Rep Paul Ryan, whose new budget would gut the funding for science and education. Who will be creating the new software? Certainly not Americans if the Republicans get their way.

Yes, Mr. Brook is right that there is a new economy forming. We will have to learn to do things differently, but returning to the economic principles that led to the boom and bust of a hundred and fifty years ago is not the way. It did not work in the industrial age, and it will not work in the globalization age. In the age of the internet, we have to have more than ideas from the steam engine days. Sorry Mr, Brooks but go sell crazy somewhere else.

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