Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Theosis - An Easter Experience 

My hands shadow the world
in their movement before the light.
The light, my hands, and the blocked
light are connected, like the plastic
Easter eggs filled with chocolate.

God on a cross. God dead.
God in the garden, weaken
by the returning life. Jesus
called Mary, keeping the tears
though making the different.

I type on a computer, as close
to them as a my own toenails,
and as far away as Hubble
telescope photo. Right brain
disengages and I float along
like a cracker in vat of red wine.

Speaking of Hubble, the eye bates
and eternity passes.  The tomb empties
the blood dries to liquid. In the origamy
fold of time, I pop up, then
disappear like stain glass duffusing
the everlasting and only once moment.

He rises to the point of life.

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