Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Come closer... I have a secret

 I just posted this review of Frank Warren's project of posting secrets.  The point of my post is that we all need a place that is both safe and honest to reveal ourselves before the world.Below is Frank's Ted Talk.

Come closer, I have a secret. I have heard this many times in my life, and yet it is still the hook that gets us to move closer. We all have this need to go beyond the social masks of daily living. Learn the Grocery Clerk is praying that her niece will heal fills us with compassion. Knowing that a former pastor has an elicit affair with Wendy's, the triple bacon cheeseburger, not the girl makes understand his fear of being devoured by his church job.

We all have this drive to move beyond the social mask to discover the real person buried in secrets. I think about the King of Kitsch, the painter of light, the deceased Thomas Kinkade. I reread Susan Orleans New Yorker profile and I felt sad for the man. Lost was the mask of the man, the Christian crusader against the vulgarities of Modern Art and its minions of art critics, the master marketer of ugly in the form of cute paintings, the wildly successful business owner, and even his trademarked painter of light moniker. The thirst of the man remained to the end. He chose the poison of alcohol that could never quench his need for dignity. The secrets of the man will come out and those who hate his art will mock, those who love his art will mourn. Yet, in many ways he was the artist of his generation. His art was about money. His success was about money. Mammon leaves no place to stand honestly before the world.Mammon destroys the power of confession.

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