Friday, November 18, 2011

Not Another Telemarketer

Dime Day Doubts

When the history of world is written in blank verse,
as all true history is inscribed in iambic pentameter,
the main roll will go the ghosts of telemarketers,
telling your to buy the telegraphed past you’ve strive
to forgot, and who show up when you make love
to your wife or when you are playing pick up basketball,
or even at dinner. They will have to take three nos
before they leave, any less and their supervisors write
them up for lack of efforts. They will burnish all their
techniques of the trade, tone deaf fears of step-fathers'
murdering fathers, of dark Dane days of indecision 
and keeping you in their world. They will do anything 
to keep you in your past. "Leave me alone," you shout
and they still appear, and appear and appear. You son
will be on stage as a pilgrim, black hat doubling
his size, and you will be wanting to hang up
on the persistent past pestering you with problems
of the seven year old you were. Then, on follow up calls,
pointing you guilty for not paying attention to you child’s
part in second grade play of Thanksgiving.
Why, you think, do we lack a National Registry of No
Calls for the ghosts of Telemarketers.


Lace Marie Williams-Tinajero, Ph.D. in Theology said...

And oh the guilt as you hang up knowing that telemarketers are just trying to put food on the table too.

Trisha B. Morrison said...

Well i thing you should register to Do not call list and give them a threat so they will be punished.Now a days telemarketers are really annoying rather than giving a good service.

John Papyrus said...

Every time I get those annoying calls I want to scream STOP I DON'T need whatever you sell and hang up.