Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going to the Well in the Middle of One Hot Day

Going to the Well in the Middle of One Hot Day
a mediation on a question about the purpose of a Sunday Night Bible Study

You ask how, on our emerald
and blue ball, I would direct
the coming of God, fearing
if we are doing right. I know

the temptation. Just gather under
a name and wait to see what happens,
while for others, home watching
a football dances on TV? Really,

that’s it? Better, let us go
out and conquer for the Kingdom.
Pull out the sword and cut the ear
of those who do not hear.
Dance upon the waters

through faith and trust of the message,
less we fall into the murky sea.
Adventures in the cross, yes,
but patiently pounding the book,
timid in talking about timing and tempo
in our prayers of pows, wows and hows?

Again, that’s it? Sitting in stillness
of the darkness of a random Sunday
night? What would Jesus think?

Feathering the threads
of our individual lives
into a joint blanket, what’s the use
when so many are crippled?

When so many need to be lowered
from the roof to meet the God
incarnate they so desperately need. Feed

the hungry. Yes, 
God is with us when two
or more, but Martha knows the work
still needs to be done.  Come,

and follow, 153 Sundays
and what will we know?
So, I stop and sound
your question to the wind.
What is the use?

I know the terrible secrete.
It blows in the upper floors,
His question, “Do your love me?”
leads to life, the unknowable risks
and at times to an upside down
death on a cross. 


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