Monday, September 12, 2011

Tone Deaf Sonnet

Tone Deaf Sonnet

To posses denies the truth of time. To measure
a human on the content of what his stuff, no matter,
the content of the stuff fools the mind into thinking
of permanence. Life moves on and we lose the things

that make us. This is why we tend to want our love
to never change. Yet, Time continues to bring
in the tide and take away. Our new computer devours
itself in a short while and becomes obsolete. We lose

our things, our strength, our eyes, but God remains.
That which we can never posses—love, God, passion,
Freedom—these are what survive us. Being possessed
by them gives u life. Soon, we will celebrate ten years

together and the clocks ticks on our parting by death.
Each day becomes irreplaceable because of your love.

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