Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Prophet Speaks in Helium

A Prophet Speaks in Helium

The clown on the bus today was proud
of how he rushed in getting ready and
made it. By hand, the woman attempts

to ignore him with a gesture of a false cough.
He, having none of it, speaks with an air
tank next to his side, which use to blow up

balloons that he makes into animals
for kids he has come to loath even
as they provide for his livelihood.

Yes, he woke with only eight minutes
before the time the bus was due to pass.
Forgo shower. Forgo hygiene, who cares

about the odor that children will smell..
Rush the yellow, blue, green and red
checkered vest and matching pants,

and out the door. The life of a lonely
clown and I think about our meeting
and how I almost missed you with my

rushing to beat the clock. I wonder
what it would have been like love
did not push me out the door. You

dance with me and if I did come
at the time of the bus, would to be
a smelly lonely clown boring those

next to me? You wake with to the giggles
sounds of our young boy with your hair
and my nose. I am grateful, so very grateful.

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