Sunday, September 4, 2011

The choice

The Grand Failure of Achiles

Achilles, as he wacked the weak,
was fond of claiming destiny and fate.
“There was nothing to do,” he would
clamour, “It was for glory and meant to be.
So, do me a favor and die like a man.”
Prophecy, his thinking went, sent him
on his way of sending others
into flooding river of violent deaths.
But the prophecy, like all prophecy,
gave him a choice, glory standing
on mount of corpses or a quiet
life with wife and child. He choose
blood liberated from the body,
the with calm circulation within.

It takes more courage to live
a common life of love without applause  
Love moving in a thousand moments
without notice like ripening cherry
tomatoes. I chose another route.

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