Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bad Exegesis

Bad Exegesis

The young preacher, with the habit
of claiming absolute authority
of the Bible when supports his world view
except the bits about the poor
or in this case the Song of Songs,
delivered a sermon on love with his chest out.
He, dressed in an ultrahip pink shirt
and with blond highlights in his manure
tea brown hair, spoke about the Hebrew
love poems as if he was a teenage boy
fed on firecrackers, junior high talk
of expanding body parts, and newest cars.
Love of Solomon was something to snicker
at like mucus on one’s hand. He counciled
that men should love their wives
as a sail catches wind, because it directed
a strong marriage through the turbulent
waters of modern life and it was a Christian
duty. It was what men do in between
the truly man things of riding jeeps,
having adventure or hunting with other men.
Love lead to strong children and is the spinach
part of marriage.

he does not feel the panting
deer, or the taste of pomegrante.
He reads poetry as rules and misses
the beauty. I remember the touch
of my wife that burned a trail
in the existence. Solomon
does not give advice to keep
a marriage strong; he sings,
yes, sings of the passion that over-
takes him in the moments in the Garden.
which overwhelms us. Why has
love become a joke or an occasion
for irony?

Come away, my beloved,
   and be like a gazelle
or like a young stag
   on the spice-laden mountains

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