Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And so another 30 day challenge ends

Today, as I calculated is the end of my second 30 day challenge to write a poem. This one focused on writing love poems. My mind has been thinking what will be my next 30 day challenge. I have taken a couple of days off before staring the the next challenge and will do so. The next challenge will be working out the ideas for the book I am working on. The theme of the book is the power of living face to face as expressed by the simple word with. In the mean while tell me what you think about the last of my 30 pays of poems on love. I will continue to write love poems and read them and wlll post them periodically.

Love Lives

Drink from the spout of being with you.
Everyday the level rises and we continue,
beyond the sickness of our son, beyond the minor
and major setbacks. Drained at the night’s fall,
the glass refills with joy, with your business
in cleaning our house, with helping our son’s
vision, patching him even as he hates it. Yes,
I love in the middle of life, rather than
the fantasy of plucking out of time like
picking a silk rose that has all of the delicacy
of reality and none of the life. Life means
I fight glaucoma and you suffer a bad back.
Yes, we drain the glass. Yes, it refills. Miracle.

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