Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9-11 poem and rememberance

The Time Between 9/11 And 9/17
        -to the ten year anniversary of meeting my wife 9/17/01

In the flood of 9/11 remembrances,
I have to speak about my love.

We met on the Monday after
history was suppose to change us.

The War to end all Wars, which did
not stop war, left our nature unchanged,

As did Hitler, Auschwitz and Stalingrad.
Our long nature’s lust and longing 

for both violence and love remained.
Touched, perhaps, left us with a moment

of stillness to contemplate our horror,
until the moment of blood lust

and vengeance brought us back
to reality of the next war, bombs away.

Swords into plow shears, when? Love goes
down as a dream of water-downed fools.

But, I met you, six days after. Hope
pored from your shy ways. We danced.

You still own the blue fleece vest you wore
that beautiful bleak day willed with wonder

And fear. Many have died since we met.
The river of blood still gushes from the Dam

that broke us. Yet, God still rises from the cross.
And I wake each morning with you by my side.

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