Monday, August 15, 2011

Love Poem 2 - 30 days Challenge

The Differences

To be in love flattens
out the curves
of a woman’s details.
Yesterday, the mountain
light reflected red
off the berries. We look for the star
at the center filled huckleberries,
the sign of being able to eat
them. Gathering among the bees
our skin shimmers with a concation created
to ward off their stingers. The signs
of bear are around us. Time moves
and soon comes the hour of calculating
the amount of berries picked. Ritual,
generations long, of who has the most,
the largest, the sweetest. Our son,
too young still, waits for us 
with his grandmother. Love
follows the curve of the dips in time.
Slowly, the first season’s berries
are ripening, late. We are approaching
our tenth winter together. Time together,
the defining act, though I remember
when I speculated on your inventory
beyond the cotton. When I held
you and try to follow the salsa steps.
So, we drink water after our buckets
are full, knowing that our son
loves the nickel sized rose fruit
we have picked. Love dwells
in the details in our time. Love
and to be in love, 
the differences.

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