Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love, Another Challlenge

I finished my 30 days of poems and now I am starting to a new 30 days of poems. What l learn in the first 30 days I will write later. It did connect me to all those years of writer workshops and my love of poetics and the theory of writing poems. The new 3 days I will be writing love poems. Love poems explores not feelings, love is beyond feelings, but our deepest connection to another and ultimately God. Enjoy the poem below.

The Junction of Two Brooks Near Booth Lake

At the start of the hike,
a large elevation gain, then
a field flowing with flames
of blue columbines,
and the trail travels toward the horseshoe water-
Booth Falls, a hike popular with tourists,
was, for me, a two mile stroll for getting my heart up
and keeping my fat down. The lake lays five more
miles higher, and takes fortitude to continue up the trail.
Ten years I lived there, ten
years gone,
                   my Colorado,
                                         which I share
with you in memories
and in the promises of future. The whitewater rafting
of my past wants you to create a future moments.
Booth Falls,
   ghost towns of failed dreams,
     the fourteen thousand feet high Mount
                                                                  of Holy Cross,
these I have visited
                          knowing your are alive,
                                                           though not your
name, not your eyes, nor your history of the Bitter
Root Range or your picking huckleberries.

our love,

               the intermingling of stories

to birth a new story, our story. Chasing
   the cascading words
                                     over the cliff of history;
the splash of narrative,                                      of mixing friends,
this is the bed
                                      of our love carving 
through the granite,
                                fourteen thousand years old or older. I remember
being alone
in the Dotsero Volcano Valley
filled with worthless diamonds. Break
the cool lava open
and the sparkle
of low grade polished carbon shine.
I want to take the slide into the center of Dotsero’s
dormant volcano with you, to break off a bit
of my past as a gift. I want the gift of your
origins. The dark mystery of blending

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