Saturday, July 16, 2011

Song of songs: day 9 poems

This is the first love poem I have written in the 30 days challenge. Almost a third of the way through the challenge before writing a love poem. I think I have been afraid of love poems because of vanity. Readers are disappearing and love poems might make it worse. Love, while the most intensive form of life, has fallen out of favor. Love does not help in chasing material goods and getting the trophy wife of the Donald Trumps are beyond love. Only women that a man will treat as a real woman is woman of love. The Song of Songs is the Biblical collection of love poems and strangely beyond the American habit of turning everything into a consumer good. 

Ode to Love Poems in Land of Ads

In the line of men,
hungry and forgotten, I know
I must love you. I must love
beyond the hatred of the fat minded 
who mock my tracing the curves
of our history.  Our country
has gone broke
in searching for poverty
of seeking wealth.  Listen,
love us live elsewhere than store
shelves. Our son, our sharing
of biology, pomegranates
tickle of mingling colors. I am
different from the ten years
shared. I still cannot find
the  right word for the shade
of your eyes. Aqua is too green.
Blue too blue. And what of golden
ring slowly outlining
your pupil. I am a student
of your seasons of the shades
of your year. Darker red in
winter as the spring
blooms grass, your hair lightens
with blonde flakes to the colors
of fallen autumn leafs. Only
love that takes me over and
changes my lead into
precious metal, purifying
the poverty. We are poor
in love and life became a graveyard
of expansive expensive homes
in foreclosure. Yes, we are
poor in Spirit. Yes, we need
to refine the memories
of truth. 

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