Monday, July 11, 2011

Forgiveness and Attention

Day 4 of my poem a day. The reality is that I now find myself looking to subjects for poems. I also have started to mediate of the power of poetry to stop us and intensify life. It draws me to give attention to the immediacy of life, I know by reading Pablo Neruda, Denise Levertov, William Staffford and the too numerous poets that have moved me that we need to pulled into the intensity of wonder.

Burial: A Guilt Offering

I buried them, my father’s day gift.
They were turning to dust
As I lowered them into the black dirt,
Their dried limps crumple in my hands.
Strawberry plants
left outside
to be planted sometime in the future. A week later of sun,
wind and no attention
on my part left them withered. I found them
playing with my son. Guilt poisoned
my sweat. I gathered the two tossed aside
plants. Forgotten due to planning for the perfect
spot for them, then forgotten in the rush of life,
forgotten on the concrete of our patio. One strong,
looked to survive as a few of its leaves grip
to their green. One, weak
looked brown in the ground. Maybe compost
for a future plant in its place. One grew under the conditions
of attention. The other
found a new green within the water, dirt, sun
and repentant hands.Now.
The hope

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