Thursday, July 28, 2011

Debt Ceiling Debate and Human Nature poem 22

 Poem 22

Debt Ceiling Debate and Human Nature

Death, knowable and friendly,
really rejects the title of con man.
Our pretence lies to us with a small
thought which sooths. “I never
knew it was coming.” Double cheese
burgers lead to weaken hearts, and
then the fat dies, falls down mowing,
or trying to keep up with his children
and we are shocked. We calm
the funeral with a claim of coming
out of the blue and no one expected it.

Take the driver that weaves in and out.
The driver who thinks intimacy applies
to man made metal traveling past
the speed limit. After the cash and the baby
dies, the driver claims remorse
and sorrow over the accident that
no one could have seen coming, and
denying blame, cries out to the cruel
fates. Yes, the tragedy of man cries
ignorance of the cliff. The young girl
pregnant, and both parties shocked
by what happened. Yet, death does
appear unannounced. The signs
are not a deep puzzle. Your mother
was right about eating veggies.

Today, the dance continues.
The puffed up blow fishes,
Poisonous and popular will shout
Out pride like prized mucus, then
The days will follow and the shrugged
Shoulders and point at each other,
And saying the answer as common
As ugly.

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