Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 20


The Great Cloud of Unknowing

The morning stroll of escaping parades
flow on various screens, TV and Computer, in news-
papers, magazines and movies. Escaping
from what? The sleepy haze that we
walk around, broken only by the momentary
jolt of coffee, Redbull or Rockstar. Maybe.
Maybe the reason of the myth of Rocky,
loser given a chance to win, who works
hard and wins in the end, sings us
a fantasy of life. Maybe. Maybe our
judgment of another’s self destruction,
Amy Winehouse, Elvis, or whatever
movie star cheating with whatever co-star
gives us a jolt of self-righteousness. Maybe.
Maybe our stories of pain forces
us to numb the whole for fear of the little.
Margaritas, salted rims, Mities with dreams
of paradise and paper umbrellas, cloud
our already misty minds. Escaping not
the real, but illusions we made from purple
lens of perception. We want to escape
our knowing that views life in a great
unknowing. Unlike the pillar of fire
guiding the wandering tribe,
or the mystical cloud of God,
our unknowing fails to creates itself 
into our prison. Then, like last night,
a six year old niece comes with excitement
of have caught six crickets. Wisdom
in the real.

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