Friday, July 8, 2011

Butterfly Wings Flutter: 30 Day Challenge

Day One

Last night, while washing the dishes, I watched Matt Cutts challenge on Ted:

Try something new you love to do for 30 days, he asked. The period of 30 days is important as it any thing done for 30 days has a good chance to become habit. So, I made a list of what I want to do more of and came up with a list of30 day challenges, while my instincts are to tackle all of them in one month, rationality shook me out my hysterical frensy and I am settling for one the next month.

My first challenge will be to write a poem every day for the next 30 days. In the poems, I will try to capture Spirit. I hope some others here at Open Salon will take the 30 challenge and try soemthing new, whether it be mediatating (praying), cooking, having a conversation with a stranger, or anything they been wanting to do for a long time. Of course these are future challenge for myself. I also would love to read their experiences of the 30 day challenge. I do believe that if just a handful of people take up Matt's challenge, the world will probably be a better place. Butterfly wings flutter in the wind. If you accept Matt's challeng, please say so in the comments what you are taking up so I can follow what everyone is my to.

Pome one:

To Us, The world Is twofold, In Accordance With Our Twofold Attitude

The click clack humming
of my mind draws me away
from you, love. The swirl of to do
lists, nostalgic trips back to different 
ages, the fanciful of judgment
shuts away life into a display window
of untouchables. But our toddler
scrapes his knee and asks
for my kiss of healing. Pulling
my mind out of its self. Into
the wonder of being alive,
I find I am different from when
I look at the world as if riding on
A shopping cart through
the grocery store. My mother,
my mind telling you not to touch
as it is not yours. But, life
is ours to touch. I kiss the little
knee and my son smiles.
We share his pain and find
Joy, and I am changed
For a moment. Share the world
And all is different.

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