Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And If I Go Blind- day 21

The eyes are the soul of the person goes a common and ridiculous saying. I think about it as my only good eye-the other blind since birth-and the doctor I just saw say the pressure of my Glaucoma has inched up.Now more drops and another possible laser surgery. My thoughts as I walk away from her office was how beautiful the colors were. If I go blind, then memory of the world's visual beauty will be all I have. I start to hunt and store like never before. Everything around me was so radiant, like a sun dried dog licking water out of a tin bowl. I could not get enough. My eyesight maybe be slowly squeezed into darkness, but I will live each sight as the gift that it is. The world exists to be seen, felt, touched, heard and tasted. I will see until ... The poem, part of the 30 days of poetry,  below is my ode to how my Glaucoma awoke me to the sights of the world. 

Ode to my stubborn Glaucoma

My pressure, after lasers and drops,
returned. The doctor gave a choice
more drops or more intense light
shot into my eye. Walking
from her office, I saw the red 
of red lilies, various cars and trucks
in shades of a new rainbow. 
I remembered my son's smile
as I left in the morning. Today,
I learned that losing makes
the wine sweeter. The cross
leads to live. I may be blind
one day, but my eye will
be a hunter until then. My
memories of the geography 
of my love, the sight of paintings
we have hanging in our living-
room, the color of my wife's
eye, al this I must hunt down
as sight is a sweet peach
picked before consumed to be
part of my flicker of being.

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