Friday, June 3, 2011

Beer and Theology

A poetic proof of God’s Love

Ah, what ales you, my young friend? Rats,
Singers, or lack of hops? Don’t fret and fuss,
St Aquinas must have a good syllogism for us,
A logic for less filling and taste great pub chats.

It is true Jesus turned water to wine, but
Could it be, he did so to pacify his mother?
Alone with his disciples and with no other,
Would he not knock a cold Sumerian nut

porter? Scripture is silence. Yet, Belgium
Monks prayer a Lambic brew out love for the Lord,
and letting the vats of barley mixed mash hoard
the air born yeast, which God provided. Seldom,

Can one find a reason better for God’s grace,
Then mouth with filled the wonder of hop's taste.

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