Monday, October 18, 2010

The Anti-Ode to Monday Blues

Here is a poem of boredom. Why do we have so many poems of other experience and not boredom? After all, boredom is where most of life takes places. It was fun writing and why I solved my boredom problem.

The Anti-Ode to Monday Blues Poem

Ah, we have poems of love,
Poems of hate, poems written
For glory and poems praying
to God. We have poems that takes
Us for a walk and clean up
Our messes, the plastic crinkling
On the pavement, all the while
We sniff around the daisies,
Or other places. We have
Poems to delight us, to punish
Us, poems that play
Fetch, Kvetching poems that
Dogs us in the middle nights
or dog days of Summer.
We lap up poems
of religion, poems spirituality,
of poems of greed. Atheists
want poems too, but ones
like stuff animals that really are
not living. They settle for pit bull
poems of science.These poems
don't pray, either. They whine
like their paws, black with gray streaks,
were stuck with splinters.

But where, where, where
Are the poems of boredom?
The Monday poems of getting
Back to the office? Poems
Of our lives of waking up
To early and missing our families?
Where are the poems
Of the mythical creatures
That excite no one.I am bored
and call out to the lost one, call out
to those hit by the passing car
and forgotten. 

Unwanted puppies of an unwanted liter,
Boredom poems neither calls us
To cry out to God, or
Demand action. Graceless,
They dry our spirit. Poems
Of boredom are not prayers.

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