Monday, September 6, 2010

Love Poems for Valentine's (Poems to Make Her Fall in Love)

I have just published my first ebook, Love Poems for Valentine's  (Poems to Make Her Fall in Love) It is a how to book. How to use love poems to get ourselves into the experience of love. I have been fascinated by mirror neurons and their effect on us. We may be creatures of compassion and our basic need is to belong. I realized this by dusting off my love poems and polishing them up, I again got in touch with my own experience of love for my wife Lace. Below is a poem I wrote about her and also a  video about the poem I made. Tell me what you think. And of course by the book, it is about as much as a simple starbucks visit.

The Mambo Queen
to my wife

Hips dance with a deep understanding. She
bids with her merengue's progression. Salsa hot,
and she teaches the grace of shaking. How to
understand her round mango dignity? How

she moves with such fructose. Some jerk her around,
as if she was a paper doll. And she is not over-
come. Others, smooth as polished apples find
her matching them. The graceful pair patterns

the merging eternity. She rumbles the rumba
of slaves refusing to be chained. Transcending,
and echoing the truth, she keeps time. Her feet
voice freedom, her lengthening legs promise life.

Can this be true? Can we find the divine in union?
Lovers eat the motion of beats, humming the melody.

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