Monday, September 13, 2010

An Ancient Modern Story: a variation on a theme from Jorge Luis Borges

The rock has a long history. Anthropologists find traces of it in all human cultures. Bits of the rock are found anywhere human activity happens. From the moment it was stained red, it has been remolded over and over. Some of the minerals found in it have been use to make slave chains, the base of whips, and prison bars.

Iron was extracted from its core to make nails what would pierce the open palms of God. The iron became steel and found its way to other parts of the world like Nazi made ovens, in razor wires, in the fences that divide families and nations. Dr. Anderson’s team out UCHP found parts of the rock in the bullets that shot Gandhi, King and Kennedy. It is a key component in the making of war chariots, cannons, tanks, and jet fighters. It was forged into part of the cockpit of airplanes that changed the New York skyline. The rock seems to lead to great amount of tears. Dr. Kingston’s team found elements in the rock that actually causes madness and will devour all in its path, including the person infected. It makes us aware of the rock in others, but blinds us the the rocks effect on ourselves. It is a form of suicide.

Parts of the rock was pulverized and made into words. Here, the rock found the skull of innocence much easier to hit. Over and over the dust of the rock has found its voice in the millions throughout history. Making men insane with rage. It had the force to ignite genocide in Soviet Russia, Cambodia, Rwanda, and to many others that are, unfortunately like the stars of the heavens, countless. Its dust can be found on the streets of America, in the Middle East, and in even the heart of all mortal humans. The strangest aspect of the words of red rock is that it makes humans irrational. It has the tendency to divide people, and ultimately make us alone. Reasoning away the words seems ineffectual in ridding oneself of the words.

For centuries, God has been working on clear the debris and the stain from the rock. It seems that his blood does help in removing the effects of the rock. He gave a new meal and an timeless word to help in freeing us from the rock's words. The problem is getting the word out and having humans rid themselves of the rock from their life. This is the work of divine justice, love and power or simply the work of social justice.

One wonders if Cain understood the lasting effects of the rock with which he stuck his brother, Abel with. Cain’s rock has been with us since then. Sadly, I find the dust of the rock in my blood. I have to drink the meal of wine and bread to combat the rock in my own blood. I remember this dust flowing through my blood, as I remember the day of September 11, 2001.

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