Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poem in honor of a friend, Gunnard Johnson

Today, I missed a friend who recently passed away. This a poem about him and the lesson he taught me about human dignity and God.

On Seeing a Good Friend Rise from His Wheelchair
at Christmastime and Suddenly Finding Myself
Being filled with the Holy Spirit
To Gunnard Johnson

The dignity of a life long faith finds expression
in the simply act of lifting his body to stand
before his God in prayer. To join others as a man,
in humble adoration leaves an impression.

Humbled, God’s Spirit breathes in to us
Joy. At being with each other, at being
With love, we discover the act of seeing.
God came in the form of animated dust.

I have known Gunnard for years, and then
I have yet to know him as God knows.
God seeing the whole, though our lows
And heights that our souls reach and sends

Us to the timeless place in the House of the Lord.
Gunnard responded to the music, the eternal chord.

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