Friday, August 20, 2010

Love Poem for wife, Lace


Here is a poem, love sonnet, about my wife just because I feel so much love her.

Ritual of Love
to my wife

Carefully, she gathers the fresh vegetables,
the angel hair pasta, the flaxen cerminis. Her hands
stroke clean the skin of red roma tomatoes. The pan
starts to heat up from an outside flame. My
rhythm chops the provisions all into pieces that will fit
within our mouths. Pesto, olives, balsamic sweet
vinegar all blend their flavors in a scorching pan.
The strains of pasta looses their stiffness in searing

water, preparing to contain the meal’s sustenance.
The light of the growing dusk outlines the redness
in your hair. The bread blends with garlic and butter
in the oven. The salad is tossed and we precisely set

the table. A blessing, bread, glasses of crimson
wine and we are eating with grateful hearts.

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