Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Balls of Discovery and a thank you to everyone

Yesterday, my son held two balls. He had just learn to say "ball," and he was so proud of himself at his discovery. He held them out, and repeatedly said, "ball." Wanting and waiting for his parents to repeat after him the word, "ball."

He held onto the balls even as he tried to crawl. We gave him a cracker and some cheese and he still held onto the balls, though managing to pick up pieces of the cracker with his pinky, the power of the human spirit. The glimmer of understanding that the objects he held were related to the funny sound, "ball" made these objects precious to my son. He held onto the two balls; he held onto his beginning of understanding of the world; he held onto his connection to others. Balls are interesting in that at any one point on a ball any direction leads to back original point. Balls are metaphors for life.

I tell this story as way of saying thanks for all of the support shown by everyone at my work. Last week they held a fundraiser for my family to help with all the expenses.  They held a lunch spaghetti feed for us. My son came and was greeted with love and care. He giggled like only a toddler can, lighting up the world. I wanted a week to reflect on the support to say thank you. I wanted to respond and react in gratitude.
In a way, I am learning how connected we are to each other.

 Yes, the money has help, and so to has the other support. The kind questions after my son surgery. The comments about how cute he looks in his video. The thoughts and goodwill throughout his struggles. The offers of help emotional, financially, spiritually are beyond what I could have hope for, or even expected. I am grateful for this sphere of concern and support. It is hard to respond to love as it is so humbling. All of this to say that I am grateful for everything done for my son.

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