Monday, August 9, 2010

And God saw that it was Good ...Life and love

The Stone, NY Times's philosophy blog,  published an interesting piece by Simon Critchley. Love, as the theologian Kierkegaar saw it, is about the divine - human relationship.The article sparked how I think about love.

Love is the affirmation of life. It is God declaring the creation good after each day of creation. On going creation is good. Love seeks to relate and not to possess life.

For many, love is the affirmation of desire. To love as affirmation of desire is to posses it. In order to possess something it must become an object. Such love is no love at all, but a turning the other into an it to be controlled and own. Ultimately, that process must make the self and it as well.

The love that say life is good doesn't seek possession, such a love meets the world in wonder and awe. Love meeting the world reveals grace.

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