Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pain must find a way

Ah, the joys of peacemaking. Why is that peacemaking always feels like being placed on rough would and having sharp metal driven into the flesh? The reality of peacemaking is that emotions has to take it payment in pain. The pain can come from anywhere, it just need the pain. Much like an oppressed worker takes out his frustrations on his children, we always look to extract pain for pain. The Cross of Jesus comes to mind. Peacemaking has to understand the flow of pain if it hopes to transcend violence. The anger can not simple be damned up with damning us. The best way I have found is in letting the pain flow out and not fight it. Hear the words coming out and accept them. Take the blows without returning them. The way of the Cross is the only way out of the cycle of pain violence pain violence.

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