Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day poem

Yesterday was mother's day and  below is a poem from Baby Tito's blog.   Also, there is great refection by my wife on her journey as a mother. The poem below made me think can we know the meaning of the word before we know the word?

Ode to my Mama
by Ernesto Tinajero II, (baby Tito) for my mama’s second Mother’s day

 (Okay, Papi help a little to write the poem)

I learned the meaning
Of mama before I could
Say the word. You sing to me
The hymns you compose for me.
Your song sings
Of love, God and me,
Your baby. You answer

my calls of the night,
of the terrors of time, space
and hunger with food
and the warmth
of your lap. Mama,

the word taste good
as I struggle to speak.
It is best to learn
the meaning of some
words before being
able to say them.

Words like love,
God and Mama.

Oh, Mama, mama, mama

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