Saturday, May 1, 2010

Marshmallow Theology

Listening to Tom Wujec TED talk about the marshmallow challenge made me wonder how church leaders would do. How would theologians? Pastors? Council Presidents? The last one really interests me as I am the president of my council and I want to build me church.

I love that one Business Graduates (not a good sign for those Church consultants) did the worst and Kindergarden kids did the best.

What can the church learn? I think that in the act of doing can a design work, there is more than one way for a design to function for its intended purpose, not get in each others way. Missionaries have long had to do what this exercise does. See what materials are available, keep the goal in mind and there is multiple ways of getting there. As we go on our way to proclaim the Gospel, it good to keep in mind our goal, Jesus

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Bruce said...

Engineers do the best! :)