Monday, May 3, 2010

Free the slaves, Dr Bales and the breaking of the chains

There are more people in Slavery today (27 million) than were taken during the slave trade days. This is the bad news, the good news is by percentages, slavery is at lowest point in human history. Sojourners had a piece on the issue of Slavery recently titled Slavery is Alive and Well. While too many people are in Slavery, we have to see that only a little effort by us can eliminate this most evil of practices.

The below talk at TED by Dr. Kevin Bales of  FREE THE SLAVES makes the case that slavery is in fact on its deathbed and that only 10.8 billion is need to push it over the edge into the dustbin of history.What is the most disturbing part of Dr. Bales work is that people are view as such a cheap commodity, a direct challenge to the Christian worldview. We, Christians, believe that Jesus can and gave himself for others. God, himself valued human life as to offer himself to free us from the slavery of sin. Christians were on the frontlines to stop slavery in US and Britain. The proclamation is the freeing of the slaves, and as Jesus freed us, we must work for the freedom of others. I pray that my fellow followers of Jesus will join the movement to end Slavery once and for all. View below and get involved to end this scourge of humanity.

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