Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chruch Success, Follow Jesus, proclaim the Gospel and life follows

I am excited about what my church is starting to do. One of the least understood aspects of the great commission (Matt 28:16-20) is that it gives life. When people got out and practice the great commission, they get the greatest gift, life and it is the very meaning of Grace. Loving Jesus meas following Jesus, which means finding service where you live. Last night at council, the president, (me, and yes the are scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but it work for Jesus.) made a suggestion for staring three initiatives for following the Gospel in our context, birthday party each month to celebrate the gift of others God gave us, a night feeding people whose children are in the hospital, and for a a global effort, Free the Slaves. Not only did they love them, they added their own. All of them generated by the daily living and not some secret I want to open it to the rest of the congregation to start several ministries.

I have been on a Ted Talk kick lately. This one is about success. Richard St John says the first step is doing you passion. My passion is Jesus.

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