Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Their Real religion

"Good parents do not exploit their children for their own financial or personal gain," she said.

The she is Rebecca Reyes, who is the middle of a nasty custody battle with her former husband, Joesph Reyes. While it seems to be a garden variety mess of a custody battle, where the children are simply a tool to get back at the other, the story has caught the attention of the media and the blogosphere. The wrinkle that has pushed the story past simple neighbor gossip and made it the stuff of national debate is that Mr. Reyes may face jail time for taking her young daughter to church.

Rebecca Reyes claims that they had agreed to raise the child Jewish and that Mr Reyes had baptized their child against their agreement and her wishes. After the Baptism, a judge agreed with Rebecca Reyes and placed an injunction on Mr. Reyes taking his daughter to Church. Mr. Reyes then took, with TV crew following, to a Catholic Mass. He now faces charges for violating court order.

What to make of the story? Is it a case of freedom of faith? What does it say about Religion? No much. The more that emerges from the story, the more that it seems that the Rebecca and Joesph share the same faith. The both attend regularly the first temple of narcissism. The fact is that a little girl is paying for the sins of the Parents.

This seem less a story about religion and more about how narcissism warps into hate.

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