Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayer needed

My family has gone through the wringer, lately. Baby Tito started vomiting on Thursday, so much so we ended in emergency. They sent us home with a pill and instructions to keep him hydrated. He then went back in on Saturday, as he did not want to drink and was getting dehydrated. Then as they tried numerous times to set the IV, I got hit with the bug. I started vomiting and continued to vomit for the next nine hours. The Hospital sent me home for being to sick to be there. After five sets of nurses and over twenty pokes to my son body, they set the IV in his scalp. My wife then fell under the curse of the bug. After a couple of days, my son was allowed to come home, only to return after he could not hold down dinner. Throughout this depressing episode, God was still present, and his love caressed us. Sometimes our life needs prayer.

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