Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taking the Lord's name in Vain

After every financial bursting bubble, the bitter end always includes tales of fraud that come to light after the music stops. This downturn is no different with the Madoff case being the most prominent. The one that interests me today says how some people view Church. Capital Investments of Hamilton, a suburb of Cincinnati is accused of stealing more than $7 million from clients. It was a classic Ponzi scheme. The promise of quick riches evaporate as the weight of the pyramid collapses. Toxic mix of greed and lies feeds the thorny bush, which grows in a muck of thr worst desires until light reveals it as poison. It was not the biggest scheme, but it caught my attention. Kevin Millerwill now face charges dubing 80 people to the tune of millions.

One of their major ways of obtaining his victims was through the contacts he made by going to Princeton Pike Church of God. I do not believe that Princeton Pike Church of God was guilty or culpability in the case. I have known many people to see Church as a great place to do business. The logic goes if they are Christians, they have to be looking out for us. Unfortunately, Church doors are open to all, and simply claiming the term "Christian" does not make one a Christian. The Church has a long history of people using its power for their own gain. Does that mean, we should never trust another person in Church? If we cannot trust a fellow Christian, who can we trust? Actually, the poison was beyond the person breaking trust, but what was promised.

While the contacts were made at church, the promise was for cheap money. Greed is something that has become less a sin in our culture, but a virtue. Dollar signs have replace the cross in many people's minds despite what is preached. Just becuase we walk through the doors, doesn't mean we check our critical thinking. We are always called to test the spirits, whether the spirit is offering us a cheap way of making money or our own in wanting a easy money. It is the fruits of the Spirits we must discern.


Anonymous said...

Princeton Pike is the weirdest church I ever saw. Many of them speak hooblabla meaningless tongues. If they were really and truly filled with the Holy Spirit, they would not act so stupidly. They would not be rude. Instead they worship Benny Hinn the freak. Go to a for real church. Just because it's big doesn't mean it's RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Princeton PIke is not real.