Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christian must reach into the Virtual World

The call to proclaim Jesus in the virtual world is getting louder. That was the message that emerged at the Evangelical Alliance’s Digimission conference in London. Evangelism must go online. Recently, I have heard similar calls to do bible studies on Facebook, and even do church online. The truth is that we do have reach out in the new online world. This is where people are spending their time. I write this blog for that very reason, but there is dangers.

We reach out to pull people out of that online world, where they have trouble connecting with their fellow human beings and back to the life. Connections can be made on online, but is Love online possible? I am not so sure.

The original sin was trying to be the master of our own universe without God. The Virtual World has gotten good at creating Virtual Worlds in which man can relive the original sin, creating worlds where the individual can be the master. Being the master, like a god, of a world made of photons shimmering on the screen makes us run away from life, and love, and others and ultimately God. It promises power and delivers loneliness. It tempts by seemly offering an enormous world, while make the actual world smaller. We think we will be larger, when, in fact, we are reduced. It can make the King of Illusion, but it can't help play and have relationship with my son, my wife, my friends, my church, my Lord.

The Virtual World can never be the eternal life found in Jesus. It can only become another idol to reduce us, and make us run away from our own lives, leading us to a death of sorts. It is a tool to deliver information, and too often we turn it into a tool to run away from God.

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