Monday, November 9, 2009

Gospel offers life

The Gospel is the answer. The question it answers is one I think we have forgotten. I meditated on this as I am in anticipation for my son surgery. A few weeks ago I got an insight into the Gospel. We where studying the beginning of Mark. There is it was, like current advertising. plain and ignored. It seems to obvious to be noticed. Yet, the truth is to compelling to let lay like unmade bed. Jesus was offering more than what we are willing to take. Bare with as I explain.

John the Baptist was offering repentance and forgiveness of sins. Many times that is what the church offers us, forgiveness of sin, and then if pushed maybe asking Jesus to put our life on autopilot. We get stuck in what John the Baptist offers. John the Baptist then says the one that came after him would offer something more and to baptize with the Holy Spirit. Jesus would offer something more than the forgiveness of sin. What?

Throughout the ancient world the controlling question was what was the best way to live. Aristotle asked the question, "What is the good life?" and Jesus gave an answer. It is this question that the Gospel answers. So when John the Baptist say the Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit, keeping in mind the Holy Spirit is the power of life, Jesus baptists us with the very power of Life. His Gospel is far more than the gospel we reduce it to. The Holy Spirit is the breath of God filling us every moment with life. It is the power that makes a seed grow into a grape vine. The power that makes my son stronger each day. More than the forgiveness of sin like the Gospel of the sinners prayer, more than the promise of the gods of our culture (money, power fame) of prosperity gospel, or promise of heaven after this life gospel, Jesus offers the power of life within our lives. The Eternal life starts now in my following of Jesus.

I understand Jesus' love in the interactions with my son. I follow Jesus as I follow the eyes of Tito. God is real. I experience the power of God in my life, in the smallness of my breathing, the grandeur of the blessings of life. No matter what happens with my son, I know Jesus is in the midst and the power of life is behind it all. We have been baptized in the breath of God. Jesus offers the power of love.

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