Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two or More Gathered

Throughout Baby Tito's recent trials I have been meditating on my relationship to my wife. A good marriage must be continuous unfolding revelation. Separate stories merge into one. But like how a two legged stool can not stand, our marriage needs the presence of Jesus. Love becomes incarnate.

Yes. Our love reveals Jesus presence and I understand our love is a small reflection of Jesus' love for us.

A deeper marriage creates a place of revelation where the other reveals themselves and the divine. My wife continues to unfold before my being drawing me to blossom within her gaze and we become one in story and life. Then we see our story as part of the larger story of God.

In our relationship, Jesus has presented himself, becasue of the truth of "when two or more are gathered" in his name, he is present.

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