Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Tears of God

I listen to a conversation, while waiting for a bus. Two people, mostly strangers, shared their hatred of the people they were living with. The point was to bond by hating the other, the other being the person not to long ago they loved. The point was judgment separated from love. Their sharing would lead to the destruction not only to their current relationship, but sow the seeds for a fragmented life.

Why do destroy our selves?

Hostility draws attention. When fragmented, we become hostile and only share our misery. The pain of life shatters the love, and we settle for an ear to listen to our self made tragedy. Fragmented life draws us to death. What is the being of human judgment? Human judgment draws force and yet it has no power. It builds walls. God always offers an open hand, and we, in anger, attack it with a rusty nail. Why? God's judgment is the cross of Jesus. Love affirms life, and draws life into to itself. Fragmented life draws us to death. We try to kill love, because we are afraid of life, and this fear fragments us. Yet, Love always resurrects.

God's judgment has at its very core being love, while mistrust is the backbone of human judgment. Faith for a newborn arises out of birth and if answered with love, becomes faith. Faith answers our first cries for milk, for touch, and for comfort.

If not true, then why would we cry? Doubt pops up long our first taste of air. It chokes our wonder and replaces it with judgment. For unwanted and unloved children, tears dry up quickly from abandonment. Others, the well dries up in a cauldron of manipulating human rain. Some mistrust their tears, and like a boy pretending to fake manhood, bottle up faith and clench their teeth. Their muscles tense and they no longer discover the world; they protect themselves from others. Another human meets their fate, and faith has his life shatter. The salty water of our eyes transcends human judgment in the blood and tears of Jesus; we find a place peices gather back to a whole.

Love is that which was separated becomes whole.

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