Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lessons I learn from my son.

The first task God gives us is naming.
Baby Tito is starting that grand adventure of naming the world.
Prayer needs names.
I have been contemplating this in regards to Baby Tito.
Baby Tito does have medical issues, but this weekend brought up home much joy he brings to those around him.
One of the challenges my wife and I face is not to let him simply be defined by the name "sick" child.
Already, he is so much more.
I was afraid that he would have trouble on the airplane.
He was great, not a whimper or a cry. He dazzled those around us, as other baby and small children were crying, he smiled or slept.
My family was great, not harping or even focusing on his conditions, but on how happy he is, and he is so very happy.
He loved to charm my aunts.
He went to wedding and was happy bouncing on his bouncer.
He smiled.
He was curious about the world around him.
He became my teacher, accepting the gifts presented to him with a grateful heart.
Jesus became a baby.
He then called us to be more child like.
I am still on the grand adventure of naming the world.

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