Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A parable of faith

"Why did the Lord tell parables?"
"Some truths are like a hot bath. You need water to transmit the heat of the fire. Without this living water, you would be burned."
"I don't understand?"
"Once their was a boy full of life and spirit. He would go out into the woods behind his house to play with his friends. They would play hide and go seek, hiding behind great oaks older than even their grandparents' grandfathers and grandmothers. These old trees played the same games with generations of children. The boy seldom thought of the trees, as they were always there.

"That is what we do when life is always there, ignore.

"Then new houses popped up and pushed out most of the trees. There would be no more hiding. There would be no more seeking. Except, they kept one tree, and built a park around it. Kids would not play hide and seek as there was only one place to hide and to seek. They could still hear the wind traveling through the tree. As the boy grew to be a man, he would think of the one remaining tree. It would give him hope. Later, they tore down the houses and built even newer bigger house, but the Oak tree of the park remained, reminding people that one day the forest would return."

"I don't understand. Why the tree?"
"Remember the truth of prayer. Prayer will return to you, if you seek it."
"Again, I don't understand."
"I must leave now and water the garden. Drink the story."

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