Friday, July 10, 2009

Personal finance Blog

Personal finance has always been a weakness of mine. I know I need to have more information to become more powerful in that area. I have made so many strides since my younger days, but in these times of recession, it always is good to keep on top of latest information.

Click on the link above to find the latest information and advice to help navigate through these tough times. I really like the post on "How will we know the Economy is Better?" as it gave me an idea about when to get back into the market. Since last years, I stayed on the sidelines, holding our positions. I strongly think we should have a good source for current information for personal finance.


personal finance blogs said...

According to me Personal Finance Blogs will give good benefits, because here blogger will share their personal experience with the globe, so it will help us when we face such situation. There so many different topics in blogs which will help us to gain information about all the topics. If you have some doubt about any particular topic you can ask blogger by commenting. So i conclude always read personal finance blog for more details to achieve your goals.

aasi said...

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