Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fear of the Future and the Unknown

A poem I wrote after finding out my son has Von Recklinghausen Syndrome:

The Pain I need to Share

My son, my son,

I weep for you. I weep for the world;

the world cruel in its self-hatred, cruel in its love

of violence. I will not abandon you, son, even as I

am weak, weak in will and strength. God,

I pray to you for strength and will, for forgiveness

For life is not a Disney movie, but filled

With suffering. How to protect you, my son?

Protect you from the terrors of biology,

Flesh, and pain, and how little you look

To face the taunts of the world; the taunts,

The cross, I know too well. I have

No shield to offer but my love,

My soul, and my god. My God

Who hangs bleeding from a tree. My God,

My God abandoned by friends and followers.

Rise from the grave, my soul as my son needs

You. As it is all we can do, my son, my son, we will stand

Together, awaiting Easter, calling it compassion


Nurvic family said...

Lace and Tito, I had no idea things were looking this serious. You are most certainly in my prayers. Please let us know if we can do anything at all to help you.

Love, Kim Nurvic

B-W said...

As you might expect, I had to look up Von Recklinghausen Syndrome on Wikipedia. I can't say I'm too much wiser, but I begin to get some idea of what's happening now. You'll be in my prayers.

RJ said...

My heart has been touched by this pain shared - and my prayers for you and your son and wife are alive now, too. Bless you for sharing and may God's presence be with you all in the hard times yet to come.