Thursday, July 16, 2009

Posting on Interpretation, Hermeneutics, and Judge Sotomayor.

I just post on a post, Interpretation, Hermeneutics, and Judge Sotomayor. What interested me about the whole process she is going through is how the theories of Constitutional law mirrors the debates about Biblical interpretation. Should, in interpreting the Constitution, look at context, word meaning within culture, and the host of others issue, or should a judge just look at plain meaning of the text. The complaint of activist judges seems a bit naive. One man's activist judge is another man's upholder of the Constitution. Most biblical interpreters have gone down this road already. Just ask a biblical scholar about the meaning of Greek word, "authenein" in 1 Tim 2:12 and watch the sparks fly.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Modern psalm of the week II

Poetry is about trying to capture the intensity of life. I have come to use it more and more lately with respect to becoming a father, both The Pain I need to Share and Psalm to my Lord from my Front Lawn came from trying to capture the nakedness of being. Joy and fear need to be experienced. The Bible is over 70 % in verse, a fact that argues for God's love of poetry and song.

Song to the Lord of the Crowded Street

To touch the cloak of God, we must work through
the crowds cheering, and must work through the fear

of divine rejection. Of evil, we know only of our dear
failures of our hearts. Hearing the terror imbedded

in the cry of a newborn, we can understand the condemned.
yet we continue past the disciples, past the inner circle,

to the back of he who is God. Hemorrhaging, we touch for life.
Lord, who I am to ask you to stop, and turn around to ask

who touch your cloak? Yet, I want to stop you, the divine and
point to my son, and demand healing. Lord, I know you know

what it is like to weep for your son. So I ask, plead, and bleed
for you to stop, turn around and notice us. Amen.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Personal finance Blog

Personal finance has always been a weakness of mine. I know I need to have more information to become more powerful in that area. I have made so many strides since my younger days, but in these times of recession, it always is good to keep on top of latest information.

Click on the link above to find the latest information and advice to help navigate through these tough times. I really like the post on "How will we know the Economy is Better?" as it gave me an idea about when to get back into the market. Since last years, I stayed on the sidelines, holding our positions. I strongly think we should have a good source for current information for personal finance.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fear of the Future and the Unknown

A poem I wrote after finding out my son has Von Recklinghausen Syndrome:

The Pain I need to Share

My son, my son,

I weep for you. I weep for the world;

the world cruel in its self-hatred, cruel in its love

of violence. I will not abandon you, son, even as I

am weak, weak in will and strength. God,

I pray to you for strength and will, for forgiveness

For life is not a Disney movie, but filled

With suffering. How to protect you, my son?

Protect you from the terrors of biology,

Flesh, and pain, and how little you look

To face the taunts of the world; the taunts,

The cross, I know too well. I have

No shield to offer but my love,

My soul, and my god. My God

Who hangs bleeding from a tree. My God,

My God abandoned by friends and followers.

Rise from the grave, my soul as my son needs

You. As it is all we can do, my son, my son, we will stand

Together, awaiting Easter, calling it compassion

Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Healthy

With my new baby, I realize that I have to start taking better care of myself. It is also a spiritual practice of being grateful for the gift God gave me. Though I know that I need to put in the structure to make sure I stay on target. The best way I found is by the help of others, as anytime I try to do things by my own will, it does not workout. I found a good source for information at this health forum, as well as a good place to answer any questions. I also use it as a place to keep on track with the gift God gave me. Of course, I still have to post new pics of the baby.